Why Most Companies Opt For A Responsive Web Design
by Reece

Why Most Companies Opt For A Responsive Web Design

Last updated on April 1st, 2017 by Reece in Web Development

Nowadays, responsive web design comes in necessities. Almost all clients ought to have a mobile version of their websites. Web design and development is definitely leveling up the game and entering into a new age.

With the continuous and constant development of technology devices, it is almost impossible to keep up and create a website version compatible for each screen resolution.  Having a web design that automatically adjusts to each devices and screen resolution would be great.

A responsive web design is an approach that allows users to view webpages according to the sizes of the screens or web browsers they are using. It is, however, not only about adjustable screen resolution and resizable images but also offers the same support to all devices for a single website.

Understanding how a design is made responsive doesn’t require too much learning. It is definitely less stressful and more productive than designing and coding properly for every single device available. Here are some of the features of a responsive web design:

  • Adjusting screen resolution – devices should be able to switch from portrait to landscape as well as handle variations in size, color, and functionality.
  • Flexible images – for responsive images, the download times and image resolution should be primarily considered. It may seem very simple to resize an image for mobile devices, however, if the original image size is meant for large devices, the download times may significantly slow down.
  • Custom layout structure –
  • Showing or hiding content – simpler navigation, lists and rows instead of multiple columns, and more focused content are the best practices for mobile environment.

Responsive web design creates a great custom experience for everyone. It is the answer to custom solutions for wider range of users and on a wider range of devices.  However, with the absolute advancement of technology in the coming years, working with new devices and screen resolutions to continually improve the user experience should not be overlooked.